After Dark With Julian Clark at Second City in LA

I recently got a chance to write for the Premiere episode the great new late night show “After Dark with Julian Clark” featuring a very talented comedian named, you guessed it, Julian Clark. The team includes some wonderful people directing, producing, and writing for the show with credits from various shows (Mad TV) and the great comedy institutions (Second City, IO, Groundlings).

The show was performed and filmed in front of a live studio audience at the Second City Theater in Los Angeles and will be starting off with a monthly production schedule.  

I always appreciate whenever someone enjoys my jokes and my sense of humor, and I was honored that some of my material was selected for the show (especially with so many talented and experienced writers putting forth work).  

I got introduced to this great team when someone from the Second City in Los Angeles (Thank you Holly) passed on my name as a writer to consider. I submitted some material and got an invite to the kick off meeting. I don’t think anyone there knew (many they still don’t know) that I was a writer living in Denver… not the Los Angeles area.

I’ve believe in embracing opportunities and my “Yes And” Improv philosophy so I flew out to Los Angeles for the initial kick off meeting. It was great to meet so many comedy writers and the team behind this show has a great vision. It has been a real treat watching a show go from a concept to the first production episode. I’m glad some of my material made the cut for the first show, its doubtful I’ll be able to support flying out regularly for the meetings but I’ll do what I can from the 5280 feet. Who knows, maybe they can find a use for a remote segment (Aspen or Vail perhaps).

Check out the show, follow and subscribe to After Dark with Julian Clark, and lets help this show grow. These are some funny quality people and the show has just begun.

And I’ll keep writing. Look for more jokes here and perhaps on more late night shows.


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