Monologue Joke

Monologue Joke

It has been too long since I’ve posted any jokes.  I am sorry.

I’m writing more than ever, but most of my time has been working on a TV Pilot and Web Series.  

I’m also still writing for the amazingly funny After Dark with Julian Clark filmed out of the Second City in Hollywood.  You’ll see the joke above opening the Monologue for Episode 14 featuring Curtis Armstrong.  If you live in the LA area and haven’t caught this show yet you are missing out.  The show is awesome and they continuously have amazing guests and sold out shows.  You can get tickets here.

Now back to my update.

I made a few changes in my life to focus on my writing.  That’s right folks, I bid adieu to the responsible job to keep my eye on the ball.   I love writing comedy, teaching comedy, and collaboration with amazing and funny like minded people.   So I’m going to do what I love every day and be very thankful about it.

This means you should start seeing more content coming out soon.  Stay tuned.

Cheers and follow your dreams everyone,


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