Mike Miller is a comedy screenwriter based in Denver and Vail. Mike’s work celebrates the resiliency of the human spirt and focuses on creating character driven, emotionally impactful stories.

Prior to screenwriting, Mike was a ski resort developer, tech company founder, and CEO in Vail Colorado. Originally from Ohio, he saw an ad for an entry level position while on a ski vacation with friends. It was one of those movie moments where the character follows his heart, quits his job, and takes the leap. His family and friends thought he was nuts.

Fortunately, it worked out. One of Mike’s favorite memories of Vail occurred while volunteering as a blind skier guide.  After a day on the mountain, Mike asked his VIP companion which run was his favorite.  The man laughed and replied, “Oh Mike, they all look the same”.  Mike smiled at the joke and simple appreciation for the sentiment behind it, one often reflected in his writing.

Like any good story, this one has a quest. Mike’s quest began after his first class at The Second City.  He flew between Denver and Chicago to study where his SNL comedy idols once honed their craft.  He became an expert on the best benches for sleeping in O’Hare airport. He once again had to reassure friends and family he wasn’t nuts.

Mike spent years as a sketch comedy writer, improvisor, and performer as he learned the old-fashioned way, failing miserably or succeeding wonderfully in front of a live audience.  Mike was known for the sketches that made the audience “Awwwwwww”.  He wrote jokes for an aspiring late night television show filmed at The Second City in Hollywood and created the emcee script and digital sketch program for the Rocky Mountain Women in Cable Television Awards.

Mike completed UCLA’s Professional Program in Writing for Television in 2015 with his first television script winning first place in the TV Writers Scriptacular, third place at CineStory, and Second Rounder at the Austin Film Festival. He continued to study storytelling completing UCLA’s Professional Program in Screenwriting in 2017 with his first feature script TAP OUT winning the Nate Wilson Joie de Vivre Honorable Mention and placing in both the Final Draft Big Break and ScreenCraft Screenwriting competitions.

During the pandemic, Mike kept a smile on his face thanks to his wonderful wife, adorable pup, and his two passions of writing and cooking.  He learned the art of sushi making and how to smoke a brisket, two meals with the shortest and longest cooking times. He made sure to share his culinary experiments with friends, even if it meant leaving a meal box outside their door.

Mike is most proud of his service as a teen suicide prevention volunteer, motivated by the loss of someone close to him. The experience was humbling, instilling a new appreciation for life, hope and empathy.

Mike enjoys telemark skiing in the Colorado mountains, exploring the world, and cooking for loved ones. His malamute pup Chewie (short for Chewbacca) happily volunteers as food taster and leftover remover.

Mike is happy to hold pitch meetings while enjoying a mountain ski tour, moonlight snowshoe, or wildflower hike. Don’t be surprised if his latest pitch seems a little nuts.


In a call center of the future where swapping minds to avoid unpleasant situations is the service, two misfits fall in love living the moments other people choose to throw away.

UCLA Nate Wilson Joie De Vivre Honorable Mention
ScreenCraft Screenwriting Fellowship Semi-Finalist
Final Draft Big Break Competition Comedy/Rom-Com Quarterfinalist


A neurotic life coach without a life of her own shoots to fame overnight after a heartfelt obituary she penned goes viral and thrusts her into the world of competitive obituary writing. Yes, this is a real thing called the Grimmys.

CineStory 3rd Place 2022


Megumi has always been told she could never be a sushi chef, but she is determined to fulfill her dream even if it means taking on her family, centuries of tradition, even the Japanese mafia.

Side note, a supporting character from this feature was spun off for SURVIVED BY TV Pilot currently in the Finalist round of CineStory.


Side note, a new Holiday favorite is in the works.


A self-absorbed maid of honor fights to redeem herself and give her sister the perfect wedding day despite waking up to a zombie apocalypse.
Side note, a trilogy in the works.


An idealistic, socially awkward, planetary scientist who quits her dream job at NASA after being passed over for a mission and must work for a dysfunctional, capitalistic, family run private space flight company to pursue her dream of going to space.


An over-achieving expectant mother turns to working for supernatural evil organization to get her life plan back on track.


A multi-phobic gets more than he can possibly handle when he seeks out long lost relatives who aren’t the least bit shy about moving themselves into his life. It’s a Family comedy about the good, bad and relatable issues of our closest relationships.

CineStory Quarterfinalist


An idealistic dreamer rallies together a group of misfits together to reopen a defunct ski resort, only to find themselves the target of big ski industry, the U.S. Parks Service, and more than they could have imagined.


Kimmy and Titus go on a quest to get Jacqueline back on an exclusive VIP list for a restaurant opening and Kimmy seeks justice after being rejected on Tinder.

WINNER TV Writer Spec Scriptacular
CineStory TV 3rd Place
Austin Film Festival Second Rounder


Prime Time Comedy  Showcase (2012-2014)
Bovine Metropolis Theatre – Denver Colorado

Spörk – House Team (2013-2014)
Bovine Metropolis Theatre – Denver Colorado

Hello Jolly – Holiday Comedy Showcase (2013)
Bovine Metropolis Theatre – Denver Colorado

America the Unicorn (2013)
Bovine Metropolis Theatre – Denver Colorado

Holiday Sketch Comedy Show (2012)
Bovine Metropolis Theatre – Denver Colorado

Knights of Pamelot (2012)
Bovine Metropolis Theatre – Denver Colorado

Late Night

After Dark with Julian Clark (2015-2016)
Second City Hollywood – Los Angeles California
– With Special Guest Brittany Furlan (Season 1, Episode 17, 2016)
– With Special Guest Claudia Black (Season 1, Episode 16, 2016)
– With Special Guest Eliza Taylor (Season 1, Episode 15, 2016)
– With Special Guest Curtis Armstrong (Season 1, Episode 14, 2016)
– With Special Guest Patrick Fabian (Season 1, Episode 6, 2015)
– With Special Guest Kevin Dunn (Season 1, Episode 2, 2015)
– With Special Guest Josh Zuckerman (Season 1, Episode 1, 2015)

Women In Cable Television – Rocky Mountain (2015)
Walk of Fame Awards Show Emcee Scripts – Denver Colorado